Our Products

ACID DYES Used for Wool, Nylon, Jude, Leather, Silk and acid dyeable acrylics. Over 100 acid dyes including milling, neutral-leveling and pre-metalized. Full line of acid blacks designed to meet customers specific requirements for fastness, cross stain and environmental regulations.  
BASIC DYES Used for acrylic fibers, basic dyeable polyester and basic dyeable Nylon. Basic dyes produce very bright shades on mordanted Cotton, and Viscose Rayon. Over 40 basic dyes including regular and level dyeing. New line of basic dyes with excellent leveling properties. 
DIRECT DYES Used for acrylic fibers, Cotton, Rayon and Flax. Direct Dyes are employed for colouration of Cellulosics, Paper, Leather, Silk, Jute, Viscose, etc. These are employed for production of economical shades.
DISPERSE DYES Used for polyester or acetate fibers and nylon. Dyes of this class are suitable for dyeing and printing of man-madew fibres. Low, medium and high energy. Over 50 dyes for all fastness requirements.
MORDANT DYES Used in Wool, Silk, polyamide and printing of wool and silk.
REACTIVE DYES Used for Cotton fibers and Rayon.Vinyl sulfones, hot dyeing and bi-functionals. These dyes react with cellulose fibre to produce dyeing and printing of all round fastness. Over 70 dyes to meet customer requirements for shade, fastness and equipment. 
SOLVENT DYES Used for coloring inks and plastics.
SULPHUR DYES Used in textile.
PIGMENTS Used for plastics, inks and textile.
VAT DYES Used for cotton.